How to Get Free Publicity

A start-to-finish publicity guide written by a working journalist instead of a PR person.

Thousands of people just like you have used my plan to get free publicity for their small business, event, non-profit, and products.


There are many books on public relations and marketing. The problem is they are all written from the PR point of view. It’s a case of people outside the newsroom

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The Eyes Have It Art - Free Publicity by Jeff Crilley

The Eyes Have It

MAKE IT VISUAL It’s called “television,” but many of the stories people try to pitch us are more “tell” than “vision.” What I’m trying to say is that great TV

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Slow News Day Artwork - Free Publicity by Jeff Crilley

It Must Be A Slow News Day

“What are you doing here?” some people will say to a reporter. “This isn’t news. It must be a slow news day.” But if you want news coverage, you should

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Feeding Frenzy Artwork - Free Publicity by Jeff Crilley

The Feeding Frenzy

KNOW WHEN TO JOIN THE RUSH Every once in a while, the media will get hold of a big story and you’ll have a feeding frenzy. Sometimes TV and radio

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Who Ya Gonna Call Artwork - Publicity by Jeff Crilley

Who Ya Gonna Call?

WHO YA GONNA CALL? Okay, so now you’ve come up with your own Elvis turkey story. You’ve thought out the visuals. You’ve tried to take advantage of the feeding frenzy,

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One Stop Shopping - Free Publicity

One Stop Shopping

MAKE IT EASY ON THE REPORTER Reporters are no different from anyone else. Many of us are lazy. And worse, we’re usually on deadline. We show up at 2:30 in

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Becoming an Expert Artwork - Free Publicity

Becoming an Expert

YOU DON’T NEED A DIPLOMA We’ve all seen people giving advice on the news and said to ourselves, “What makes them experts?” Well, I’m about to let you in on

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Sound Bite Machine Artwork - Free Publicity by Jeff Crilley

Sound Bite Machine

TALKING THE TALK Every once in a while, reporters run into someone who has a silver tongue, a person whose every sentence is a ready-to-print quote. But these folks are

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It's Show Time! Art - Free Publicity

It’s Show Time!

Okay, you’ve charmed the media into giving you coverage. And they can’t eat even one more Krispy Kreme. What do you do once that red light illuminates and you’re on

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So, there you are. That’s how sausage is made. I only hope your appetite for news coverage has increased now that you know the ingredients. You now know what we

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