A start-to-finish publicity guide written by a working journalist instead of a PR person.

Jeff Crilley, an Emmy Award winning reporter, shares secrets from inside a newsroom that even some PR pros don't know.

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Become a Media Darling While Raking in a Fortune In Free Publicity

You don't need a big PR firm (like mine) to have massive success with the media. You just need to learn how to think like a reporter.

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Takeaways include:
  • Pitching the right reporter for your story
  • The importance of slow news days
  • Tying into feeding frenzies
  • Becoming the expert to hop onto an existing story

How It Works


Make Something Newsworthy

Great stories have one or more of the following qualities: They are timely. The stories impact people. They’re unusual and often controversial. In short, news is just about anything that will hold someone’s interest.


Find the Right Journalist to Tell Your Story

Does the station have a certain reporter who concentrates on just business stories? Or is there someone who tends to cover the lighter stuff?


Reach Out to the Journalist

Now that you have a great pitch and a reporter who covers stories like yours, give them a call!

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